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Campaign at a glance

Access and affordability of basic health services is one of the biggest problems in Northern Nigeria. This is an even bigger problem for women and children. Previously, An-Nadaa was helping the poor villagers on a case by case basis. The team quickly realised that the need was immense and helping at an individual level alone won’t suffice. Considering the area of Zaria alone,  we are looking at a population of a million people. In addition to this there are numerous small villages surrounding that will benefit immensely.

An-Nadaa Educational Foundation began working on its first clinic project in 2020. Alhamdulilah the construction is close to completion in less than a year of its initiation.

– Cost of Land: MYR 52,000 (Completed)

– Cost of Construction: MYR 531,000 (Completed)

The work that has happened till date can be seen here.

An-Nadaa started with a maternity and child health clinic focusing on the womenfolk. This is so that women can get medical treatment without any fear of their rights, modesty, and respect being violated. There are numerous cases of women facing harassment in such situations, especially if they are from a weaker section of the society. At the same time, the team aims to provide quality and affordable medical care. This is the first clinic which will be followed by many more in the coming few months.

These clinics are of significant importance to the residents of Zaria and the surrounding poor villages. The poor people struggle to get basic medical treatment due to non availability or extremely high costs. The number of miscarriages and other incidents that could have easily been avoided had medical help been available are too many to list. GlobalSadaqah has joined hands with An-Nadaa to bring an amazing opportunity for our donors. With the blessed month of Ramadan approaching soon, we would like our donors to become a part of getting the clinic up and running. This would change the lives of our sisters so much more for the better.

Donations to this campaign will facilitate the purchase of the various equipment needed for the female wards. The team is purchasing equipment in phases. 

This medical centre is dedicated to maternity and childcare services. It will be located at Maje Road, Tudun Wada community in Zaria. This clinic will be a 2 storey facility that includes:

Campaign Partner

An-Nadaa Educational Foundation is an Islamic non-profit organization which is one of the first government certified Muslim organization on the ground. Their focus is on launching and managing educational, da’wah and welfare projects across underprivileged communities in Nigeria.

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Campaign Updates

These updates include campaign progress till date by An-Nadaa Educational Foundation

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28 March: Video Update


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