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My name is Umama and I am 15 years old. I am studying at Rohingya Education Center, Kuantan in Form 1 Al-Fateh class. My hobby is to read books. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. My favorite person to read about is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ because he was loving, brave, kind, and very understanding towards everyone. 

My family had to escape Burma because the military had confiscated our land and property. Not only did the military do this to us but they also killed thousands of innocent people.

My father came to Malaysia first to earn money for our family because in Burma, the military did not allow Rohingya people to work. The condition in Burma worsened when I was 6 years old. One day when I came home from school I overheard my neighbour telling my mother to run away from the country because the situation would just get worse. Out of desperation, my mother brought me and my siblings to Thailand by boat, where we were arrested in Thailand and were imprisoned for a year.

After a few months my mother learned that there was an agent who could get us out of the prison and take us to Malaysia. When we arrived in Gua Musang, my father came to bring us to Kelantan. In Kelantan we were staying my uncle’s house. My dad and my elder brother could not stay with us because they have to work. My brother was then 13 years old and he did not get the chance to study because he had to start earning for the family. A year later, my dad came to take our family to Kuantan. He managed to secure a house and job here. After we settled down in Kuantan, my dad enrolled me and my younger sibling at a madrasah in Balok and we stayed there.

My hope for the future is to help my people and to help all Muslims who are unfortunate. I also want to give back to my parents, and my teachers who have been taking care of me and teaching me so many beautiful things. For this I am ready to study even harder and make sure I get good marks. 


Umamah is currently enrolled and attending Form 1 at Rohingya Education Centre (REC), Kuantan. She is 15 years old and was born in Myanmar.

Including Umamah, there are 7 members in her family. Her mother suffers from hyperthyroid disease. 

Her family has led a very turbulent life where they were separated and even imprisoned for trying to save their lives. Finally, their life is starting to experience some peace here in Malaysia. 

Funds will be used to cover the fees for her Education at Rohingya Education Centre (REC). The funds will also provide him the required basic amenities. Your donations to this campaign today might see Umamah become a doctor and a save the lives of so many people. What a worthy investment that is! 

He is a Rohingya refugee who wants to be a policeman and protect other refugees.

She is a Rohingya refugee who wants to be a doctor and give free treatment to save lives.

She is a Rohingya refugee who wants to be a lawyer and fight for the rights of the oppressed.

He is a Rohingya refugee who wants to be a civil servant and fight corruption in the society.

He is a Rohingya refugee who wants to be a scientist and invent things that make life easy for the poor at no cost..

He is a Rohingya refugee who wants to become a professional football player and bring his people into the spotlight. 

He is a Rohingya refugee who wants to become an astronaut and explore the world. 

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