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Campaign Partner

IBF Net (L) Limited is a company based in Labuan, Malaysia set up with a mission to provide innovative solutions for development of a halal, ethical ecosystem.

Campaign Objective

Help install solar panels in Masjid Muhammedi to make the masjid more sustainable in the long run and reduce overall costs. 

Waqf Eligible

This campaign has been checked and verified to be Waqf Eligible

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Campaign Story

Like Malaysia, Indonesia, and other stops along the sea routes, Islam spread to the coastal regions of the Indian state of Odisha. Muslims make up roughly 2.2% of the total population. The Muslim population has shown a steady growth. Odisha has seen some of the worst ever cyclones in India’s history. Between 1891 and 2018, the state was hit by about 110 cyclones, says tropical meteorologist Uma Charan Mohanty, a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar.

This leads to massive electricity blackouts for large periods of time. Add to the fact that Odisha has been experiencing intense heat waves in summer with temperatures touching 45 degrees in some places. Intense heat causes low water levels and low hydro-electricity generation. Masajid in India have poor finances and electricity bills are a major operational expenditure for them. What can we do to change this?


How Bad Does It Get?


1. Complete blackout
2. No fans or air-coolers or air-conditioners in intense summer heat (40-45 degrees)
3. Interrupted water supply for wudhu
4. Adhan is no longer audible to the people
5. Low attendance in Masajid
6. Aged and pious attendees are caused extreme discomfort and inconvenience

Allah mentions in Surah Nur:

فِي بُيُوتٍ أَذِنَ اللَّهُ أَن تُرْفَعَ وَيُذْكَرَ فِيهَا اسْمُهُ يُسَبِّحُ لَهُ فِيهَا بِالْغُدُوِّ وَالْآصَالِ

“[Such niches are] in Masajid which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein; exalting Him within them in the morning and the evenings.”

The Solution

GlobalSadaqah’s on ground charity partners IBF Net will be working with the local masajid to install solar panels in them. The Masajid can sell the extra electricity to neighbouring shops and businesses as well. Not just this, IBF Net will also train at an industrial level technicians from among the community who will work to install and maintain the solar panels. 


Donations to this campaign will help accomplish:

1. To ensure uninterrupted power supply with solar energy in the masjid.
2.  To cut down on the utility bills and reduce dependence on donations from the poor community members.
3. To enhance financial health of the masjid by providing a sustainable source of income. 
4. To provide training and source of livelihood to unemployed local youth as solar technicians.


Nothing unites a Muslim community more than their 5 daily congregational prayers in a masjid as it creates a sense of belonging and togetherness in the community. A masjid does not only act as a place for worship, it also plays a role as a community center which brings the residents together to learn and grow as a unit. In addition, a masjid serves as a platform to pass on the beautiful teachings of Islam to the young and new learners and a place for joyous occasions and celebrations.

For every good and authentic practice that the people learn about, our donors will share in the reward for helping to facilitate it. The building of a masjid is a way for a person to continue to earn a multitude of blessings even after death. How?

IBF Net will also train technicians at an industrial level from among the community who will work to install and maintain the solar panels.

By helping make this Masjid sustainable, our donors have the unique opportunity for being of the very first people to help their Muslim brothers and sisters directly on the ground in India. For every prostration and beneficial knowledge gained by the people, the donors of the Masjid get an equivalent reward.

It’s not just about the quantity of the donation. The main aim is the quality of our donations and being a part of establishing a House of Allah.

Allah says:

إِنَّمَا يَعْمُرُ مَسَـجِدَ اللهِ مَنْ ءَامَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الاٌّخِرِ وَأَقَامَ الصَّلَوةَ وَءاتَى الزَّكَوةَ وَلَمْ يَخْشَ إِلاَّ اللهَ فَعَسَى أُوْلَـئِكَ أَن يَكُونُواْ مِنَ الْمُهْتَدِينَ

”The Masajid of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, perform As-Salat (Iqamat –as-Salat), and give Zakat and fear none but Allah. It is they who are on true guidance.”

[Surah At-Taubah, 18]

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