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Campaign Partner

Local Education & Economic Development Organization (LEEDO) is a non-profitable and voluntary based development organization established in 2000. It is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh, and with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Bangladesh.

Project Duration

September 2019 – November 2019

Campaign Objective

The crowdfunding campaign aims to install and in other places rebuild tube-wells in severely flood impacted areas in Bangladesh.

The aim is to provide safe water to the people, mainly women and young children in the coastal regions. 

Campaign Story

Bangladesh is a river irrigated land and also a country of natural calamities. People of Bangladesh are facing various kinds of calamities every year like flood, river erosion and cyclones etc. The people most impacted by this are those who live in the coastal areas.

This year, a heavy monsoon rainfall from 9 July 2019 poured throughout the country. The flow of vast bodies of water has led to a massive flooding situation in low lying areas of northern, north-eastern and south-eastern districts of Bangladesh. Even Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) districts along with Cox’s Bazar have become highly threatened of potential flash flood and landslide. Cox’s Bazar is a major center for Rohingya refugees in the country as well.

Jamalpur is one of the most affected districts among the 15 most affected districts. The situation in Jamalpur is worsening due to the continuous rain.

According to the Needs Assessment Working Group of Bangladesh, over 60,000 families in low-lying areas are abandoned in their home or community shelters. Islampur of Jamalpur district is the most stricken are with 200,000 people abandoned by floods. Flooding has triggered river erosion, breached dams, snapped road and rail links, inundated crop fields and forced educational institutions shut. Over a dozen people, mostly children, have drowned as flash floods washed away homes or boats over turned.

Targeted Beneficiaries

This project will help the needy and flood affected people who are suffering from safe water crisis due to rainfall and flood as their tube well either got damaged or destroyed.

GlobalSadaqah’s charity partners on the ground, LEEDO will install deep tube well for providing safe water because during and post disaster, people especially children and women suffer from various harmful diseases most of them being watery diseases. 

LEEDO will find out the actual needy people through a selection process with the support of local community representatives, local government officials, and national relief committee as well.

Deep Tube Well Installation will be fruitful for the entire community. People of other families nearby will also be able to collect water.

For the maintenance of the tube well, LEEDO will select a family as a primary caretaker and other families will collect safe water from under them. 

As per LEEDO’s prior experiences, in 2017 they provided relief support to the flood affected people in Sirajganj Districts where 300 people were supported. 


1.To ensure safe water to the flood affected people.

2. To aware the flood affected people about watery diseases. 

3. To protect the flood affected people from various watery diseases through safe water. 

4. To install Deep Tube well for the safe water to prevent the people especially children and women from watery diseases.  


The donations to this campaign will focus on implementing the following activities:​

Installation of 25 Deep Tube Wells which were destroyed in the floods.

Repair or Re-installation of 25 Deep Tube Wells which were damaged in the floods.

Motivation and Awareness Dialogue with Local Community

Project Output:

Your donations to this project will help:

25 Families with New Deep Tube Well as a caretaker

25 Families with Repaired Deep Tube Well as a owner

200 Families including women and children according to the proportion of 1:4.

This means that 1 deep tube well will be used by 4 families. 

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