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KitaJaga: An App That Became A Lifeline For Malaysians Needs Your Support

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Key Points

Campaign Story

Malaysia has been battling the Covid-19 pandemic for over 500 days now. Malaysian police recorded 468 suicides in the first five months of 2021, compared to 631 in 2020, and 609 in 2019. The three main causes cited were family problems, emotional pressure and finances. During the recent lockdown, the #BenderaPutih, or white flag campaign gained momentum. The main aim of this campaign was to encourage people to help others in distress during the prolonged lockdown in a dignified manner.

Malaysians from all walks of life were coming together to provide any help they could to those desperately in need of assistance. People were postings on forums and social media etc, but things were a bit chaotic. There was no centralized place for everyone to refer to and direct their aid. 

This is where Kita Jaga came in. A team at Terato Tech, a company based in Bangi, created the Kita Jaga Malaysia web app ( to make it easier for users to access curated information for help or to provide aid under one platform. The site also allows users to search or mark the locations of food banks. 

“The feedback that we received was much more amazing than the tech. We were able to coordinate activities and at scales we did not did not foresee as possible before this. Because prior, if you wanted to donate to or help someone in your area, you would need to go to a local organisation or a local food bank and then they would send your donation to those who might need it. But this time around, this web app was able to coordinate peer-to-peer activity. So if someone needs help, help is on their way within minutes, or in less than an hour compared.” said founder, Reza Razali.

From then on, KitaJaga raised approximately RM100,000 through their networks and went on to enhance the existing platform, add multiple new features, add more security and verification processes, develop a mobile app, and also get on major partners like Air Asia to help with their initiative. Impact

Since its launch on July 5, 2021:

– Over 96,059 white flags were raised on the platform.

– Over 28,651 help providers participated 

750 average help providers are using the platform per day.

1,641,000+ visitors on the platform.

The team is focused heavily on making the project into a decentralized and transparent organization.

KitaJaga founder, Reza Razali said, “As an individual, I hope the movement will die off and people will no longer need it as the economy will kickstart itself again. But looking at the feel on the ground, I believe it might take some time. So for us, we will try to upkeep the website for as long as it benefits the people because we started this project mostly as a CSR. We did not build this with the intent to monetise. So from our end right now our principle is very clear, we will keep the website up as long as people find it useful.”

Aside from Malaysia, the team has also received numerous request to help setup various platforms in Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh & Vietnam. The team is working to turn KitaJaga into a sustainable platform moving forwards along with better analytics and reporting features .

The Need

As the need for enhancing and maintaining the platform increases, so does the costs. As highlighted above, the initiative was started as a benevolent project and the team doesn’t make any money out of the platform. To make sure that keeps running and maintaining the quality of work, we would like to call upon everyone to come forward and help the team cover the operational costs. Your support for the team will in turn help change lives of thousands across Malaysia.

Cost Breakdown:
– Overhead cost (Developers + Designers + Support) = RM 53,000
– General and Project Administration = RM 10,500

Total = RM63,500 /Month

Donations to this campaign will help KitaJaga continue to help and support the many needy Malaysians across the country in a respectable manner by helping to cover their operational expenses. 

Note: Funds from this campaign will be used solely for the KitaJaga App and not for the other Terato Tech projects.

Start with just RM10. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbours and the weaker sections of the Malaysian society.

Picture Credit: The Star

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KitaJaga is the brainchild of TeratoTech which is a premiere  and award-winning mobile application & website developer company in Malaysia.

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