Our Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners work with GlobalSadaqah by channeling their CSR, Zakat, or Cleansing Fund to any of the chosen campaigns featured on the platforms.

Interested in maximising your CSR, Zakat funds, or Cleansing funds? Get onboard!

  1. Corporate donors decide to donate an amount to our charity partners for a specific campaign.
  2. Charity/corporate partners will allocate a pre-agreed portion of this corporate donation to boost the crowdfunding campaign through creating premium content and digital marketing so as to reach a larger crowd and raise more funds for the campaign.
  3. In this way, we create a much greater impact and value for society through collaboration between charity partners, corporate donors, and public donors​

Our Strategic Partners

Strategic partnerships are an essential part of GlobalSadaqah ecosystem, helping the corporate partners, charity partners, and donors maximise their donations through various means.

Kitabisa is the most popular online crowdfunding and fundraising platform in Indonesia.

SalamWeb is the world's first Shariah compliant web browser. Every action in the browser automatically donates to campaigns on GlobalSadqah

The International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF) is an FAA registered research-based institution focused on the halal ecosystem

Maybank QR Pay enables GlobalSadaqah donors in Malaysia to donate directly to campaigns with ZERO fees charged.

Boost Pay enables GlobalSadaqah donors in Malaysia to donate directly to campaigns with ZERO fees charged

We're looking to maximise the potential of each and every donation given on our platform and in order to do so, we're looking for more strategic partners.

Our Charity Partners

Our Charity partners are the source of campaigns on our Platform. All charity partners are trusted as they have gone through our due-diligence process.