Live Campaigns

The following campaigns are those that need your support. All Campaigns are verified and come from verified charity partners. Campaigns that are Zakat Eligible or Waqf Eligible are verified and approved by our Shariah team.

Emergency Aid: Somalia Cries Out For Help

Supporting Vulnerable Orphans in India Get Access to Basic Education

Blessed Moments: Aqeeqah and Meat Distribution for Poor Families in Makkah

Qard Hasan: A Lifeline For The Underprivileged

Help Refugee Children Secure a Brighter Future | Phase 2

Green Energy: Sustainable Solar Mosque in Kedah

Eradicating Period Poverty in Detention Centres Across Klang Valley

The Zaza Movement: Empowering Refugee Chefs Help The Needy

Providing Free Vaccines to Help Indonesia Battle The Covid-19 Pandemic

Building A School for Poor Asnaf Children in Sulawesi

Emergency Medical Aid for Ailing Father Suffering from Stage 4 Covid

Don't Let Them Freeze: Emergency Winter Aid for Syrian Refugees

Emergency Aid for Fisherman’s House Destroyed by Fire

A Sip of Relief: Building A Solar Powered Water Pump in Yemen

Fighting Hunger: Free Bread For 2000 Poor Families in Yemen | Phase 02

Help Support Half A Million Malaysian B40 Households

KitaJaga: An App That Became A Lifeline For Malaysians Needs Your Support

Laptops and Food Aid for Underprivileged Families in Malaysia

Help Malaysia R.O.A.R (Restore Our Amazing Rainforest)

Empower Rahdeyah: Support Single Mother of 5 Feed Her Family

Teach For Malaysia: Providing Quality Education Across the Country

The Ultimate Waqf: Quenching Thirst in Africa | Phase 2

Empower Mohd Nor: Support Father of 2 to Grow His Small Business

Providing Emergency Medical Equipment to Hospitals in Johor

Waqaf A Quran In Masjid al-Haram In Makkah | Phase 2

Emergency Aid For Afghanistan: Feed A Family for 2 Months

Studying Never Stops: Providing Laptops for Refugee Schools

Emergency Aid for Kedah Flood Victims

Support The First Complete Translation Of The Quran Into Rohingya Language​

Resoles Food Bank: Help Feed B40 Community in Ampang

Feeding Poor Malaysian Families Affected By The Covid-19 Pandemic

Turkey Is Burning! Providing Emergency Aid To Villagers

Help Provide Disinfecting Services to Covid-19 Affected Public Areas

Sea Ambulance: Emergency Medical Assistance for Indonesia

Safeguarding Modesty: Building A Women Only Maternity Clinic

A Brighter Future: Support Education for Orphans and Underprivileged Children In Johor

A Unique Course to Train Malaysia's Upcoming Leaders

A Helping Hand For Empowering Malaysia’s Urban Poor

Building Malaysia: Sponsoring Needy Students Get Educated

Just RM 200 Can Provide Essential Kits To Malaysia's Poor to Battle Covid-19

Empowering The Legacy of Singaporean Ulama

Masjid Abu Bakar Phase 4: Installing Doors and Windows

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen: Help Feed Homeless and Poor Across Kuala Lumpur

Building Africa's First Masjid Using Only Cryptos

Moving Towards A Disabled Friendly Mosque In Indonesia

1 Million Waqaf Quran Project in Indonesia

Building With Al-Khaadem: Support 5 Unique Community Enrichment Programs

Third Holiest Masjid: Help Clean and Maintain Masjid al-Aqsa

Providing A Safe and Fast Entry Into Singapore Mosques

Paying Zakat to the Poorest Families in Northern Nigeria

Cash Waqf: Sustainable Housing in Indonesia