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MySakinah - A New Way of Saving Marriages

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Key Points:

  • MySakinah, an AI-Powered Muslim Marital Health company, is launching a "Save The Marriage" campaign. The goal is to revive marriages facing discord and strengthen them, hence fostering a stronger Ummah as a whole.
  • Our data-driven, innovative approach leverages the power of AI and LLM's (large language models) to further enhance the human touch of professional therapists & Muslim preachers.
  • The primary beneficiaries are families facing marital discord, thus suffering financial instability from the B40 and also M40 working class. 
  • We are targeting to raise funds to sponsor 5 families from each locality for their flagship Marriage Revival Program.


Campaign Story

Help Foster a Stronger Ummah, Save Families from Marriage Suicide

Marriages: Sometimes soulmates, sometimes cellmates.

MySakinah are embarking on a literal life-saving mission, to help save as many marriages as possible. With skyrocketing divorce rates not just in Malaysia but across the world, we are driven by data and sound professional Islamic guidance to nurture well-grounded families and they want you to become a vital cog in this effort.

Our Visionary Quest: 

The family is the cornerstone of which a functioning society is built upon. The trappings of modern life and in general a trend of swaying from the divine teachings from the Quran & Sunnah, have led to a decay of marital matrimony, which according to statistics made available through MySakinah, is very alarming.

Take this into account: Marital discord has more severe repercussions that we might think. Our research has shown divorces can happen for the most absurd reasons. Delving deeper, we uncover more serious underlying issues and implications, for example a spouse lying about losing their job due to stress of marriage problems, and just pretending to go to work while suffering worsening financially. 

Fun fact: Stats has also shown how divorce can have an effect on environment. How? By virtue of the separated parent having to make more trips in the car, ferrying the child from different households.

Visualize this scenario: Countless families, dispersed across Malaysia, struggling through the tumultuous waters of marital discord. These are families yearning for reconciliation, yet constrained by financial hurdles and a dearth of guidance. This is where MySakinah comes in - to provide a modern solution to age-old problems.

The Significance: 

What sets us apart is our methodical approach. We are not merely allocating resources; we are orchestrating a symphony of support. Trained personnel at selected masjid partners - Masjid Kota Damansara, Masjid Ara Damansara, Masjid Subang Airport and most recently Masjid Negara - stand ready to offer immediate aid and identify those in need of comprehensive intervention.

What Your Contribution Accomplishes:

Your support fuels our Marriage Revival Program, encompassing:

  1. Marital Education: Unlocking the potential of six dynamic modules enriched with 20 hours of enlightening video content, focusing on mindset cultivation, love enrichment, and mending skills.
  2. Counseling & Therapy: Tailored, pinpointed interventions at critical junctures of marital distress, anchored in Islamic principles.
  3. Real-time Assistance: A dedicated hotline, messaging therapy services, and live group Q&A sessions.
  4. Community Involvement: Marital Wellness Program through our Masjid partners, fostering spiritual interconnectedness.
  5. Continuous Learning & Advancement: Equipping our masjid partners with cutting-edge tools for effective community support.

Beyond the Campaign:

Our commitment stretches far beyond this campaign. We envision:

  • Continued Support for Rehabilitation
  • Assimilation into the MySakinah Community
  • Evolution of Success Stories into Marital First Responders
  • Ongoing Opportunities for Growth

Stand with Us in Sowing Harmony:

Let us sow seeds of unity and harmony in households across Malaysia. Together, we will not only revive marriages but also shape a future that is brighter, happier, and more robust for our communities.

Support the Cause! 

Each contribution fuels the flame of love, and each rekindled marriage becomes a beacon of unity. Join us in championing freedom within our families!


If you wish to make a manual donation, please find the details below:

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Bank Name: Affin Bank
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Account Number: 109920481778
Reference: MySakinah Save Marriage

BerryPay is our official payment gateway.

If you have made a direct bank transfer, please send your transfer proof to [email protected]

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MySakinah is an AI-Powered Muslim Marital Health company, based in Malaysia