Completed Campaigns

The following campaigns are those that need your support. All Campaigns are verified and come from verified charity partners. Campaigns that are Zakat Eligible or Waqf Eligible are verified and approved by our Shariah team.

Emergency Relief: Massive Floods Wreak Havoc In Yemen

Rebuilding Palestinian Houses Destroyed by The Occupation

Expiation in Ramadan: Paying Fidyah and Kaffarah Made Easy

Supporting Syrian Refugees: The Complete Ramadan Package

Just RM 320 Can Feed A Family of 5 This Ramadan

Ramadan In Masjid al-Aqsa: Iftar and Food Boxes for the Poor

Major Fires Engulf Refugee Camp

A Step Towards Ensuring Food Security for Malaysia’s Future

Let Them Study: Back To School Aid for Poor Families

TGIF: Thank God It's Food

Building Malaysia’s Tomorrow: Mental and Behavioural Health

Fighting Climate Change by Reducing Food Wastage

10+ Countries: The Ultimate Global Ramadan Food Drive