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Our Aim

EduSadaqah aims to provide an avenue for Islamic finance educational providers to raise funds to:

  • a) assist deserving students to pursue Islamic finance programmes irrespective of nationality, race and gender;
  • b) enrich the Islamic finance knowledge through applied industry-focussed research & development to maintain a consistent stream of new knowledge and products that fulfil industry needs;
  • c) enable advanced research and mentor other academics among others;
  • d) execute community outreach efforts.

Our Causes

EduSadaqah will focus on supporting Islamic finance education providers to raise funds for various initiatives and activities. The campaigns listed on EduSadaqah will be to support Islamic finance education projects, such as student scholarship funds, student financial aid, research grants, new programs on Islamic finance, new resources, and infrastructure.

Our Story

INCEIF University, like many other Islamic finance education providers, is committed to creating a legacy in Islamic finance by ensuring its programmes, and by extension, its scholars and graduates, stay on the forefront of the industry. The key building blocks for education providers are focused on developing top quality faculty members and students, an in-demand curricula, and industry driven research set amidst modern facilities. Similarly, all education providers of Islamic finance knowledge are on the same path. In addition, Islamic finance education providers are also aware of the financial struggles that many students face while trying to obtain a higher education in Islamic finance.

In view of this commitment, INCEIF University in partnership with award-winning global platform GlobalSadaqah has established a crowdfunding platform, EduSadaqah, specifically for Islamic finance educational providers to raise funds to support their causes and activities.

EduSadaqah aims to provide a secure and reliable way for Islamic finance education providers to raise funds for various causes including scholarships to deserving students, research grants, upgrade facilities, and purchase of new equipment or technology. This platform allows educational institutions to connect with donors, alumni, and community members who are looking to support their endeavors.

By using the EduSadaqah platform, educational institutions can reach out to a wider audience. All educational institutions offering Islamic finance programmes are encouraged to join EduSadaqah to further publicise their needs and initiatives to potential donors and supporters. By joining, you will directly contribute towards the creation of future leaders and innovators in Islamic finance who will push for an ethical agenda underlined by Shariah in the financial landscape specifically, and the world in general. EduSadaqah aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration amongst the stakeholders of the Islamic finance industry in coming together to support crucial initiatives and causes of the Islamic finance education providers for the development of Islamic finance globally.

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