The Basics

Sadaqah means general charity, in cash as well as in actions. A smile or a good deed is Sadaqah. Sharing about Global Sadaqah with others is also a form of Sadaqah. Sadaqah comes from the arabic root word ‘sidq’ which means sincerity.

Global Sadaqah is an Islamic charity crowdfunding platform or marketplace which matches corporate donations and CSR, as well as Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf from the public to programs and campaigns by our trusted charity partners.

The gathering of many people online to financially support a cause, business or individual. Every individual can contribute a fractional amount (small or large) towards a total target amount.

Donation Process

Choose the campaign you like, enter an amount or select a preset amount. This will bring you to the checkout page to choose your preferred payment method and complete your donation.
GlobalSadaqah does not charge any fees to the donor. All fees are borne by either our Charity Partners, or Corporate Partners.
Two types of fees are deducted from the donated amount, payment gateway fees and platform service fees. The entire remaining amount will go to the charity partner.
The tax-deductible status of donations depends on the charity partner. If the charity partner has a tax exemption status, it will be stated at the bottom of the individual campaign page. Please note that exemptions are usually limited to donors in the country of origin of the charity partner.
Yes it is. We use secured SSL encryption (SHA256) to transfer information between the donor’s browser and our server. In addition to that, the payment information is only captured by the payment processing gateways, which are protected by additional layers of security. does not store any of your payment information.
By default, once a donation is made, it is not reversible on the platform. In Islam, it is also highly discouraged to try take back a gift. However in urgent or special cases, we can assist to request for a refund from the charity on your behalf.

Campaign Process

We will either a) close the campaign as partially-funded, b) extend the campaign period, or c) cancel and refund all donations. This depends on the charity partner, and the needs of the project. We will only cancel the campaign and give refunds to donors if the project being funded cannot continue.
Updates and reports are compulsory for all project partners. Depending on the project, the update can be given quarterly over a period of one year, or upon completion of the project. We send an email with general updates to donors every month. Please note that we do not have control on whether a Charity partner provides us with an update or not. We do however, try our best to push our charity partners to provide us with an update, and once we do, we communicate the update by 1) email, 2) WhatsApp, 3) Social Media post, and 4) Campaign updates page
You can always check out the respective partners pages and contact them from their website. You may also email us at [email protected] and we will put you in touch.

Operational Process

It is important for us to be sustainable. We charge our charity partners a 5% platform fee on the total amount raised. An additional 2.5% fee is charged to our partners for updates, impact tracking and reporting. Corporate donors also pay us for additional services including research, training, content creation and digital promotions. We do not charge anything to donors.
We only work with our charity partners – trusted and credible institutions and organisations with a good track record of accountability and performance. We have a thorough screening and onboarding process before approving new partners. Once partners are accepted, we screen and verify their programs and campaigns before featuring them on our platform.
We may use your information obtained by us as set out in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of:
      • Delivering our products and services to you
      • Improving our products and services to you
      • Marketing and advertising our products and services as well as those from other platforms in the Ethis Ventures network to you
      • To verify your identity in order to prevent and detect money laundering and fraud To carry out credit reference checks
      • To carry out market research
      • To notify you about any changes to our services
      • To keep you informed about fees and charges

There is no sign-up fee for a NGO to register on the platform. Fees for a campaign is charged only after an amount is raised for it.

Fees for bank transfer within Malaysia does not incur any extra cost.
Additional payment gateway fees are set by the payment gateway and is beyond the control of GlobalSadaqah. The fees for each gateway is listed below:
  • Visa/MasterCard (International Cards): 3.9%+2MYR per transaction
  • Visa/MasterCard (Malaysian Cards): 2.0%+2MYR per transaction
  • PayPal (International Cards): 4.4%+2MYR per transaction
  • PayPal (Malaysian Cards): 3.9%+2MYR per transaction
  • FPX Payments: 1RM per transaction
  • Ewallet Payments: 1.5% per transaction

The funds are disbursed every 30-31 days, on the 7th day of the subsequent month to accommodate the payment gateway to transfer the funds to GlobalSadaqah. This transfer process usually take 3-7 days to reach GlobalSadaqah. On receiving the funds, they are immediately disbursed to the NGO.

If the NGO requests, funds can be disbursed earlier as well.

After the collaboration agreement has been signed between GlobalSadaqah and the NGO, the funds will be transferred to the registered bank account of the NGO.

When donors sign up on GlobalSadaqah, they agree to our Terms and Conditions which are PDPA compliant. Therefore, we cannot disclose the personal details of the donors (name, email, IC number, address, or phone number).

GlobalSadaqah can, however, provide the NGO with the number of donors and other details not covered by PDPA.

C3M Programme

C3M is short for Corporate Charity Crowdfunding Multiplier. Here’s how it works:  
      • Corporate donors decide to donate an amount to our charity partners for a specific campaign.
      • To encourage public donations, the corporate donor will match all donations dollar-to-dollar.
      • Charity partners will allocate a pre-agreed portion of this corporate donation to boost the crowdfunding campaign through creating premium content and digital marketing so as to reach a larger crowd and raise more funds for the campaign.
      • In this way, we create a much greater impact and value for society through collaboration between charity partners, corporate donors, and public donors
We are always seeking more corporate donors to join our C3M program! Please contact us by clicking here. The C3M program is open to all.