Sea Ambulance: Emergency Medical Assistance for Indonesia

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GoodDeeds International started off with a vision to empower communities. They researched and  identified a remote group of communities with a population of about 1,500 people on the islands of Mabong, Buyu Besar, Buyu Kechil and  Pasir Panjang  in the far Eastern corner of the Riau Province in Indonesia. Why these places? Due to their remote location these communities have been neglected and are in need of serious aid. No NGOs has been there before to help them and the situation is really bad for many families on the ground.

A major problem that needs immediate attention is the medical situation. In the name of medical facilities, the islanders only have a poorly equipped clinic that is manned by a midwife. Access to medical facilities and a qualified doctor is only available at Tajur Biru which is 55km away. What makes the matter worse is that there are no readily available means of transport in cases of emergencies. 

In case of a medical emergency,  the islanders have to look around for a boat (pompong) that can safely travel the distance. This in itself is quite perilous for a medical emergency. Even if they do somehow manage to find a boat, it takes 1.5 hours to reach Tajur Biru. There have been cases where people lost their loved ones just because of not being able to get the most basic medical treatment in time. 
This campaign aims to raise funds for a  high speed sea ambulance service in cases of emergency to the nearest qualified doctor. This would basically be a speed boat equipped with ambulance facilities. With the introduction of the sea ambulance, the travel time will be heavily reduced and can in-turn be the difference between life and death. When not in use for medical emergencies, the boat will be used for ferrying passengers for a minimal fees that will help cover the cost of the boats maintenance etc. 

GoodDeeds International integrated a 5-year Master plan on Education, Health and EngagementInfrastructure Development and Economic Restructuring aimed to jump start the development of these communities. This campaign is one of the first steps towards changing the lives of the poor islanders for the better.

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GoodDeeds International Berhad (GDIB) is a non-profit organisation incorporated in Malaysia on 19 August 2020. The organisation is led by volunteers from different walks of life from Malaysia Singapore, Indonesia and Australia that have come together to uplift disadvantaged communities out of their poverty cycle through enabling and empowering them.

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