We believe Charity should be Sustainable. Be a part of our ecosystem to make things better, permanently.

A lot of charity is given out all the time. Yet it seems like it’s never enough. GlobalSadaqah is on a mission to circulate social funds for good in a smarter way. We all have our part to play.

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RM 20,000

Global Architect

Congratulations! You are the Global Architect: our top tier supporter! With your support, we can transcend our boundaries, impact multiple regions across the globe, and circulate good. Thank you for your valuable contribution and support!

RM 10,000

Global Mover

You’re almost at the top! With your support of RM10,000, we can now expand our scope and impact different regions across the globe.

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You’re a global player now! With your support of RM1,000, you empower us to shake things up on a global scale.

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Your support of RM250 will enable us to expand our scope of impact and move our horizons in the regional setting.

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Your support of RM100 will enable us to expand our scope of impact and move our horizons in the regional setting.

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No amount is small! Even RM10 can have an impact. Your support will shake things up and increase our impact in our regional campaigns.

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Who are the Global Guardians?

A group of like minded individuals and organisations who are looking to join forces with our team in circulating good across the globe with a strong focus on sustainable development, in a responsible, transparent, and effective way, for maximum impact. They do this by sponsoring part of our operation costs.

We aspire for a change where the beneficiaries of today become the benefactors of tomorrow. Support Us Now!


With less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can build a strong legacy and make a lasting impact across the globe

Join the movement today! Sign up and auto donate a minimum of RM10 per week to be a Regional Shaker, RM1,000 to be a Global Shaker and RM20,000 to be a Global Architect. Support GlobalSadaqah #CirculateGood

When you become a Global Guardian, your support empowers us to reduce our platform fee. Your support will open doors for widening our scope of impact across a spectrum of projects like empowerment of the underprivileged, supporting single mothers, educating orphans, assisting refugees, serving zakat-eligible communities, and so much more.

Your support of our platform will become an everlasting good deed and a source of rewards that will keep getting credited into your account in the Hereafter.


Who is GlobalSadaqah?

We are an award-winning CSR, Zakat and Waqf Management platform working together with stakeholders including religious bodies, foundations, banks, corporates, and the public to increase Social Finance’s efficiency, sustainability, and impact. Our main goal is to make giving charity easy. We strive to make your charity experience simple, straightforward and rewarding while ensuring your donations reach those who are most in need.

As a sign of our commitment to accountability, transparency, and credibility, we screen and verify the eligibility of every single fundraising campaign with support from our in-house Shariah team before hosting them on our platform. We strive to make your charity experience more rewarding, while our on-the-ground partners ensure that every single cent you donate reaches the right beneficiaries.

Giving charity with us has never been easier!


Best Social Impact Islamic Fintech Firm


Best Social Impact Islamic Fintech Firm Runner Up


Best Islamic Crowdfunding Finance Platform


Best Social Impact Islamic Fintech Firm

Why do we need your support?

We charge a platform fee of 7.5% on the total amount raised for a campaign. For some emergency campaigns, we take a hit and reduce it significantly as well.

We need your help to:

Move towards 0% platform or administration fee
as our long term aim is to make sure that no fee is charged to our charity partners.

Make sure that we continue to bring more transparency and accountability
to the charity ecosystem by enforcing positive pressure to enhance donor experience and ensure secure transactions.

Extend our reach in bringing to light more verified campaigns
from different parts of the world to make a lasting impact on the ground while concurrently educating the community on Islamic Social Finance by building a knowledge repository.

Why should you donate to us?

Because we are trustworthy, transparent, and time-efficient. That’s the 3Ts focus of our organization.


We verify, screen and conduct due diligence on charity partners before we allow them to raise any campaign on our platform. This provides the donors’ peace of mind in knowing


We provide periodic updates in the form of photos and videos (depending on the type of campaign) on the campaign page to allow donors to have visibility on how the funds are being utilised to help the beneficiaries.

We also send updates to the donors via email regarding when, where, and who has received their donation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to this and we have zero compromises on safety and security standards for secure donations

Time Efficient

In 3 simple steps, anyone from the comfort of their own home could effectively be a part of multiple impactful projects and contribute to change the life of not just one, but hundreds of people across the world through our platform.

Target Donation Amount

Monthly donation (total): RM100,000 / US$24,000

In order to meet our anticipated cost for 2022 where we are scaling up on our activities and impact, we require a monthly donation of RM100,000/US$24,000 from our supporters.

Our Donor Scheme

Global Architect

Our top supporter! Pledge your support of RM20,000/US$4,800 a week to become the global architect of GlobalSadaqah.

Global Mover

With a contribution of RM10,000/US$2,400 a week, you can be a Global Mover to help us expand our impact globally.

Global Shaker

Contribute RM1,000/US$240 a week to become a Global Shaker to help us increase our impact.

Regional Architect

With your weekly donation of RM250/US$60, you become our elite Regional Architect.

Regional Architect

With a weekly contribution of RM100/US$24 ONLY, you can help us improve lives in the Southeast Asia region.

Regional Shaker

No amount is too small! You can still be a Global Guardian by contributing RM10/US$2.4 a week to become a Regional Shaker.

Who is GlobalSadaqah?

Blockchain based platform that records all transactions on the blockchain

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Alhamdulillah! Together with you, we were able to greatly impact the lives of many across the globe.

Despite the struggles of the pandemic, GlobalSadaqah has remained resilient and also saw its biggest growth in 2021, overseeing the growth of 5x in the number of active donors and 4.5x in the number of donations.

Check Out Our Impact Report For 2021