Building Malaysia: Sponsoring Needy Students Get Educated

Building Malaysia: Sponsoring Needy Students Get Educated

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Key Points

Campaign Story

Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim (Darulnaim College of Technology), which began its operation in 2003 is a higher education initiative by HALUAN. It is the completion of a series of integrated educational initiatives from pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools throughout Malaysia.

KTD is also a continuation of the legacy left by Al-Marhum Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat, former Chief Minister of Kelantan, Malaysia. Kelantan, traditionally called the “Veranda of Makkah” has always had long historical root and stronghold of traditional Islamic education (Pondok) in Malaysia and South East Asia region. KTD offers diploma level programs in the fields of Islamic, management, and technological studies. KTD is a preferred college by many, especially parents, due to our unique student development program (PESAT). The weekly program focuses on Islamic knowledge awareness, communication, and leadership skills. It has proven to produce students/graduates with high ethical conduct and professionalism. The experience they gain from these exercises will help them to build confidence.

Up until 2020, KTD has produced 2219 local and foreign graduates, channeling them into various industries while continuing to guide them to equally serve the community.

The number of students enrolling normally was around 300 to 400 until 2014, consisting of 80% from low to extremely low income families. Local students were supported by a loan from the government (MARA) covering tuition fee and subsistence allowance. In addition, 40 international students were fully funded by HALUAN. However, MARA loan was discontinued in 2014, and so the intake dropped to less than 100 students per semester. We realized that the students were only able to secure loan for tuition fee from PTPTN, but not able to pay additional accommodation and food cost. Hence, they were not able to proceed their studies.

Local HALUAN members have then raised fund to cover their needs on a small scale and able to improve the yearly intake to 120 students. However more funding is needed to secure potential students. We conclude that these potential students are not able enroll due to accommodation and food problem.

The Solution

The beneficiaries of this campaign include students from all walks of life including those from lower household income who will be able to study with a peace of mind and graduate successfully.

By securing donations for this initiative, parents of lower income group who will no longer be burdened with the fees.

Cost Breakdown
– Cost of Accommodation: 300 x 80% x MYR500 = MYR120,000/semester
Cost of 2 Semesters = MYR240,000

Accommodation costs MYR500/student per semester or MYR 1000/year

– Cost of Food: 300 x 80% x MYR8 x 30 days = MYR57,600
Cost of 10 months = MYR576,000

Food costs MYR240/student per month or MYR2400/student per year

It takes 6 semesters or 3 years for students to graduate.

Keeping in mind the sustainability and long-term plans for the campaign:

– HALUAN has continued to guide the students even after graduation through many alumni programs. This has strengthened their presence in serving the society.

– These alumni would also contribute to further develop HALUAN and the college.

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HALUAN is the acronym for Pertubuhan Himpunan Lepasan Institusi Pendidikan Malaysia (Organization of Graduates of Educational Institutions, Malaysia), an NGO established in 1988 focusing on educational programs, charity and relief missions through local and international partnerships.

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