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Key Points

Campaign Story

Schools across Malaysia are closed because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and classes are conducted through online sessions (PDPR). Among the top issues faced by a large number of students especially those from the lower income families is that they cannot afford the necessary gadgets the internet data for the children to attend the classes. For many families unfortunately, it becomes a choice between putting food on the table or buying a laptop for the children. MAHIR Cakna is our response to the dire needs of under-privileged families who are facing difficulties during this pandemic to cater to the needs of their children’s education.

This campaign aims to help under-privileged families who are facing difficulties during this pandemic to acquire gadgets (laptops) and internet data for their children to attend online classes. Planet Mahir acquires laptops from various partners and entities that are then refurbished and provided free of cost to the deserving beneficiaries that have been selected very carefully.

A lot of the time when the team visits to hand over the laptops to the families, it is found that some of them have not been able to eat a proper meal in a few days. This is because many households have lost their income source in the Covid-19 lockdown. Some family members even ask the team for food. Keeping this in mind, the team will also be giving RM100 to each of the beneficiaries to buy food.

1. All the used laptops will be upgraded/refurbished to the best performance before they are delivered to the less fortune families.

2. Refurbishment/upgrade area includes: SSD, RAM, Camera, Mic, Speaker, OS, Battery or depending on the need.

3. Along with the laptop, RM 100 is allocated per student for them to buy food.

Aid Breakdown

– 1,000 laptops x RM 500 = RM 500,000.00

– 1,000 laptops x RM 300 = RM 300,000.00 (Cost for Laptop Upgrade)

– 1,000 students x RM 100 = RM 100,000.00 (Cost of Food Aid)

The team has already raised RM 18,000 for this project. Start with just RM10. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbours and the weaker sections of the Malaysian society.

The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement. And whoever helps ease a difficulty in the world, Allah will grant him ease from a difficulty in the world and in the Hereafter. And whoever covers (the faults of) a Muslim, Allah will cover (his faults) for him in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah is engaged in helping the worshipper as long as the worshipper is engaged in helping his brother.” [Tirmidhi]

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Planet Mahir offers digitalisation service such as production of e-book and audio book, digital system, mobile application, production and video editing. Planet Mahir also provides online learning platform focusing on skills (soft, hard & entrepreneurial), delivered in Bahasa Melayu, catering to an abundant market of 300 million people.

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