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Helping Underprivileged Cancer Patients in Malaysia​

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Key Points

🇲🇾 Membantu Pesakit-Pesakit kanser Kurang Berkemampuan di Malaysia

“Homes of Hope” adalah inisiatif dibawah National Cancer Society Malaysia yang menyediakan tempat penginapan secara percuma kepada pesakit-pesakit kanser yang kurang berkemampuan. Para penerima derma di “Homes of Hope” tergolong dari keluarga B40. 50% dari pesakit-pesakit terdapat kemungkinan untuk alami kekurangan zat makanan semasa menjalani rawatan kanser.

Kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa yang sedang melalui kanser mengalami kesukaran menelan dan menghadam makanan pejal, selain menghadapi kurang selera makan semasa menjalani rawatan.

Sumbangan kepada kempen ini akan membantu menyediakan ONS dan susu formula secara percuma kepada pesakit kanak-kanak dan dewasa yang menghidap kanser, yang datang dari keluarga yang susah dan sangat memerlukan.

Campaign Story

Many families that are tested with cancer have to go through a lot of difficulties. Due to a lack of treatment centres around Malaysia, many families are forced to travel far from their home to the capital city Kuala Lumpur and spend several days or weeks getting treatment for their children or relatives. Hospital wards are often full, causing accommodation problems and further financial stress for the family. 
The National Cancer Society of Malaysia has set up a “Homes of Hope” initiative that provides free accommodation for the underprivileged children and adult cancer patients – and their caregivers – from outside of Kuala Lumpur while they undergo treatment at the hospital. These beneficiary families are from low socio-economic backgrounds and are financially challenged. 
Malnutrition is a common issue in childhood and adults cancer, in which approximately 50% of the patients could experience malnutrition during cancer treatment. Why? Children and adults battling cancer experience difficulty in swallowing and digesting hard food, as well as a loss of appetite while undergoing treatment. This leads to many of them eating insufficiently and compromising their nutrient intake. Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) are sterile liquids, semi-solids or powders, which provide macro and micro nutrients to these patients. ONS and formula milk powder are one of the utmost essentials at the Home. It is guided by NCSM’s in-house dietitian where the intake will help them to gain back a balanced diet during their cancer treatment.
Studies showed that undernourished patients are likely to experience infection and poor survival outcomes. This is an annual project which aims to offer free ONS for children and adults suffering with cancer, especially those who are undernourished while receiving treatment. Our donors have a unique opportunity to make an impact in the lives of cancer patients in just one click. 
Donations to this campaign will help provide ONS and free formula milk to children and adults suffering from cancer coming in from poor and needy families. 
Let’s start with just MYR 25 and help provide relief to our young brothers and sisters battling cancer.  
The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement. [Tirmidhi]
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The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is the first not-for-profit cancer organisation in Malaysia that is committed to providing education, care and support services for people affected by cancer & the general public. Over the last 54 years, it provides holistic cancer support through the Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Centre, Resource and Wellness Centre, and the Children’s Home of Hope.