Salam-Hello! Make an impact across the globe from the comfort of your homes. All Campaigns are verified by GlobalSadaqah and we make sure they come from verified and trusted partners

Palestine Calls For Help: Masjid Al-Aqsa Under Attack

Supporting Quran Teachers and Classes in Masjid al-Aqsa

Waqaf A Quran In Masjid al-Haram In Makkah

Support The First Complete Translation Of The Quran Into Rohingya Language

Meals for Asnaf Families in Indonesia

All Your Questions Answered: Your Best Sadaqah Jariyah Opportunity

Emergency Aid for Uyghur Refugee Families in Turkey

Medical Emergency: 5 Month Old Baby Diagnosed With Rare Blood Disease

Aid For Afghanistan: Feed A Family for 2 Months

A Sip of Relief: Building A Solar Powered Water Pump in Yemen

Help Refugee Children Secure a Brighter Future | Phase 2

25 Year Water Project: Building Wells for Poor Families in Bangladesh

Empowering Minorities: A Gift of Education for Cambodia

Green Energy: Sustainable Solar Mosque in Kedah

Blessed Moments: Aqeeqah and Meat Distribution for Poor Families in Makkah​

Palestinians Are Shivering: Winter Aid for Gaza and Jerusalem

Qard Hasan: A Lifeline For The Underprivileged

Who is GlobalSadaqah?

We are an award-winning CSR, Zakat and Waqf Management platform working together with stakeholders including religious bodies, foundations, banks, corporates, and the public to increase Social Finance’s efficiency, sustainability, and impact. Our main goal is to make giving charity easy. We strive to make your charity experience simple, straightforward and rewarding while ensuring your donations reach those who are most in need.

As a sign of our commitment to accountability, transparency, and credibility, we screen and verify the eligibility of every single fundraising campaign with support from our in-house Shariah team before hosting them on our platform. We strive to make your charity experience more rewarding, while our on-the-ground partners ensure that every single cent you donate reaches the right beneficiaries.


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Alhamdulillah! Together with you, we were able to greatly impact the lives of many across the globe.

Despite the struggles of the pandemic, GlobalSadaqah has remained resilient and also saw its biggest growth in 2021, overseeing the growth of 5x in the number of active donors and 4.5x in the number of donations.

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