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PERTIWI Soup Kitchen: Help Feed Homeless and Poor Across Kuala Lumpur | Oct 21

Oct 21 | PERTIWI Soup Kitchen: Help Feed Homeless and Poor Across Kuala Lumpur

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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Campaign Story

The PERTIWI campaign in August received strong support from our donors. To keep the momentum going strong and on popular demand, we will continue supporting the soup kitchen on a monthly basis. Updates from the August distribution can be viewed here

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, which was officially launched in March 2010, is a community outreach project which is managed by PERTIWI, to provide regular meals on a regular basis to the homeless and poor at various locations around Kuala Lumpur. During the current Covid-19 Pandemic and the Movement Control Order, we have not neglected the community. PERTIWI makes sure that they are still getting their meals regularly. The homeless and poor can collect their meals from designated locations during scheduled hours.

Soup kitchens can be found in many of the world’s cities. They exist to provide basic meals to those who go hungry, not because they are lazy or are looking for handouts, but because they simply cannot get enough food or proper nutrition. Those in need may include children, parents and the elderly. Malaysia’s economic success and prosperity has ensured that hunger is not a matter of not having any food at all, but whether those in need are getting enough food on a regular basis and whether we care enough to provide food to them.

This project complements these existing efforts by working towards the following objectives:

  • To distribute basic pre-packaged healthy meals and clean water 4 nights a week in inner-city neighbourhoods where various recipient groups are located.
  • To raise awareness of the number of hard-core poor in our city.
  • To encourage corporate and media sponsorship, and regular volunteer participation to feed the hungry.
  • To operate the programme in a sustainable manner that will enable it to serve an increasing number of people.

Donations to this campaign will be used to pay the caterers to cook the hot meals (500 pax * RM5 * 30 days). PERTIWI does not charge any admin fee on the donations to this campaign. The total disbursed amount will be used to pay the caterers.

Between 600-1200 packets of food are served each day.

PERTIWI’s Sustainable Goals include reduced poverty, zero hunger, better health and well-being, access to education for the poor and marginalised groups, decent work, sustainable communities, reducing inequality and partnerships for the goals.

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Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) is a project oriented charitable organisation dedicated towards addressing the welfare and needs of women, children and the elderly. Since its formation on 22 September 1967, PERTIWI has played a vital role in providing various forms of assistance. To help extend its reach into the community, PERTIWI commenced its mobile soup kitchen project in 2010 to provide free meals to the hard-core poor and homeless people in Kuala Lumpur.

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