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Emergency Aid For Afghanistan: Feed A Family for 2 Months

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Key Points

Campaign Story

It’s all over the news and we hear devastating news everyday – Afghanistan is under a state of emergency. Millions of Afghanis are suffering and struggling to even put food on the table for their families. 18.4 million Afghans need humanitarian support and this number has doubled in less than a year. 75% of those in need are women and children.
The world media is focusing on the people trying to flee the country. But there is an invisible crisis of millions of people across the country dependent on humanitarian aid, who cannot leave the country. The current insecurity is continuing to fuel a wave of internal displacement as people seek safety for themselves and their families. Internal displacement in Afghanistan has soared by 53% since the start of August, from 360,000 to 550,000 people, joining 2.9 million Afghans already internally displaced across the country at the end of 2020. In Kabul alone, some 17,600 internally displaced people are acutely in need of food, water, health care and other aid. Along with the ongoing political and civil turmoil, Afghanistan is also experiencing a major drought. The drought is reported to be one of the worst droughts to hit the country in decades. In addition to this, the COVID-19 pandemic spells a darker tomorrow for the poor and needy.
In January 2021 alone, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that an estimated more than 320,000 Afghans were displaced due to the drought. The drought has affected over 12 million people, OCHA said. More than 6 million of them are unable to buy enough food, and more than two million are facing severe food insecurity. 
With the ongoing political turmoil, families have left behind everything and made a run for their lives. They are living on the streets of different provinces without any tents, food, or security. Al-Qamar’s team on the ground reported that a family lost a child out of starvation. 

The Need

Donations to this campaign will help support internally displaced Afghan families to survive this deadly conflict by providing them with food, clothes, tents to sleep under. It is a matter of also protecting the dignity of our sisters who are exposed on the streets.

With just MYR 695 ($168) / you help an entire family survive for around 2 months.

The Aid includes:
– Tents
– Carpets
– Blankets
– Mattress
– Flour
– Cooking Oil
– Bean
– Milk Powder
– Gas Cylinder (5Kg)

Please help the ummah in Afghanistan, words cannot truly articulate what they are going through!

Donations to this campaign will help feed internally displaced Afghanis amidst the ongoing political turmoil and severe drought plaguing the country.  Start with just RM10. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

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Reference: AFGHAN

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Qamar Charity is a German (11459) registered non-profitable charity organization that provides humanitarian assistance aid to those most in need. Qamar has a 100% donation policy; every penny donated goes to the chosen cause. For the organization’s operational cost, Qamar has sponsors from across the globe supporting them.

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