Qurban Campaigns

Fulfil your obligations and #CirculateGood around the world this Eid al-Adha. You can donate just to help provide meat to poor families as well. All Campaigns are verified and come from verified charity partners. More locations are being added soon.

A Happy Eid for Refugees: Qurban 2022 in Malaysia (Cow)

Blessed Moments: Qurban 2022 to Feed Poor Families in Makkah (Sheep)

Spreading Smiles in Gaza: Qurban 2022 in Palestine (Sheep)

Providing Meat for Poor Families Across Indonesia This Eid (Sheep)

Help Feed Drought Struck Families in Somalia This Eid (Cow)

Providing Meat for Poor Palestinian Families in Gaza This Eid (Camel)

Providing Meat for Disaster Struck Areas in Indonesia (Goat)

Spreading Smiles In Eid: Qurban 2022 in Nigeria (Cow)

Providing Meat for Rohingya Refugee Families in Bangladesh This Eid (Cow)

Children Are Forced To Eat Leaves: Qurban 2022 in Yemen (Sheep)

Providing Meat for Persecuted Rohingya Families in Myanmar (Goat)

Developing Strong Imams: Qurban 2022 in Malawi (Goat)

Providing Meat for Uyghur Refugee Families in Turkey (Goat)

Spreading Smiles In Eid: Qurban 2022 in Nigeria (Sheep/Ram)

Helping The Poorest Families: Qurban 2022 in Cambodia (Cow)

Empowering Imams and Poor Villages: Qurban 2022 in Zimbabwe (Goat)