Skuad Prihatin Kemiskinan or SPK is a collaboration between Super Thinkers (a pre-school education center) and Al-Khaadem (a da'wah organization) with a mission to help the poor and needy.

Since 2019, over RM330,000 worth of assistance to some 1,500 families have been distributed.

Candidates receiving SPK assistance and services are screened through an interview process to analyze their background, taking into account the income and expenses of the whole household, school or children’s dependents, illness/disability, age, critical illnesses and others.

SPK Assistance
and Services

Basic Assistance

- Monthly Food Cooperative
- Special Needs Assistance
- School Equipment Assistance
- Home Needs Assistance
- Annual Assistance

Children/Adolescent Activities

- Quran Classes
- Counting, Reading and Writing Classes
- SPK Cadet
- Skills Classes
- Grooming and Nature Classes

Service Assistance

- Home Improvement Assistance
- Home Cleaning Services
- Income Generating Services
- Related Services with the Department of Works
- Multiple Services

Adult Activities

- Quran Classes
- Skills Classes
- Kelas Penjagaan diri dan alam sekitar
- Grooming and Nature Classes

Knowledge Classes

Counselling Services

- Rukyah
- Psychiatric Services
- Massage Services
- HIjama

Fardhu Ain Class

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