Empowering Communities through Entrepreneurship

Crowdfund on SocioBiz and qualify for SIM Grant 1:1 matching to assist your business

Our Story

In 2019, Alliance Islamic Bank established SocioBiz, a Shariah-compliant social funding platform that aims to empower communities through entrepreneurship. SocioBiz provides an opportunity to everyone to make a difference, by pooling their efforts with other like-minded individuals and organisations, thereby increasing the impact of their contributions.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide an ecosystem where people can channel their donations to empower individuals to be economically independent through entrepreneurship.

Our Causes

Campaigns listed on SocioBiz focus on helping financially disadvantaged individuals seeking to raise funds to start or expand a business, or learn a new skill to earn a sustainable livelihood.

Our Partners


Campaigns Listed


Campaigns Completed

RM 1,666,015

Amount Raised

Why SocioBiz?

100% Goes to the Cause

Every dollar you donate goes directly to the recipients of the campaigns.

We Support our Causes

Alliance Islamic Bank will donate to support the fundraising of all campaigns.

Double the Impact

Every $1 contribution will be matched with an additional $1 from Alliance Islamic Bank.

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