Fighting Climate Change by Reducing Food Wastage

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Key Points

Campaign Story

The tallest twin towers in the world is Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers, standing at 451.9 metres tall. Now try to imagine 16 of these twin towers being filled to the brim with food waste? This could well be the reality if we don’t do something about the problem of food waste.

According to the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp), by 2020 the total amount of food waste can certainly fill up 16 of the twin towers. Malaysians waste about 16,688 tonnes of food per day, an amount that can easily feed around 2.2 million people, three times a day!


The Problem

Food waste is not just trash from households; it covers rejected food items or surplus food products from farmers or suppliers which are one of the biggest contributors to waste found in landfills. According to a research, 49% of the waste in landfills is made up of organic food waste whereas plastic constitutes only 14% of the trash. 

Wasted food buried in the landfill releases a harmful greenhouse gas called methane which is 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide as it absorbs more heat that can warm the earth. Moreover, the food wasted today is also enough to feed up to 2.2 million of people, 3 times a day! This is not only an environmental concern; it is also a social concern.

The Solution 

One of the ways to address food waste is to ensure surplus food from suppliers does not go to waste. Hence, Green Hero is a social enterprise that works to address this problem by providing an online platform to help Food & Beverage businesses to go Happy Hour online (selling edible surplus at much cheaper price) during the night to prevent food waste. 

What Have We Done So Far?

Our humble beginnings started in the state of Penang and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. In 2018, we started to save 1,600kg of food waste from going to the landfill which equals to a savings of 3,040kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. This is equivalent to the CO2 savings on electricity consumption for one household for 271 days.

As of June 2020, the amount of food waste prevented has increased to 24,290kg which equals to 46,151kg of CO2 emission. This is equivalent to the CO2 savings on electricity consumption for one household for 11.3 years!

Nonetheless, we also help to channel sponsored food from suppliers with edible food surplus to Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) to help the communities in need.

Campaign Objective

We have received requests from suppliers and customers to bring our platform to 2 other states of Malaysia, mainly Malacca and Johor. As we see more opportunities to create awareness and reduce food waste in Malacca and Johor, we are crowdfunding to expand our outreach to prevent more food from being wasted and reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Our presence in Malacca and Johor would also enable us to work with local NGOs to channel food from suppliers to the communities in need within those 2 states.

Targeted Impact

Our Goal: To prevent 1,156kg of food waste from the states of Malacca and Johor in the next 14 months

The funds for this project would enable us to kick start this project in the states of Malacca and Johor. It would be used to obtain resources to start the project in Malacca and Johor. It would also be used to create awareness about the platform and the importance of reducing food wastage among the local community.

After the initial funding to kick start, this project would be self-sustainable and would continue to increase the amount of food waste prevented even after 14 months.

For every RM100 donated, you are essentially helping to prevent 20kg of food waste in the next 14 months!

Note: We are fundraising an additional RM200 to cover the payment gateway fee for our target of RM5,900.

If you would like to find out more about Green Hero’s project, please contact [email protected]

🇲🇾 Malaysia Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Alliance Bank
Name: GS Global Guardian Sdn Bhd
Account: 620100010023192
Reference: Green Hero

If you have made a direct bank transfer. Please send your transfer proof to [email protected] or via WhatsApp to +60333100069

Campaign Updates

MYR 1,160 have been transferred from this campaign to ‘A Helping Hand For Empowering Malaysia’s Urban Poor’ on the request of the campaign partner to SocioBiz. 

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Campaign Partner

Launched in 2017 and aiming to tackle food waste, Green Hero is a platform for F&B businesses and suppliers to sell edible food surplus at discounted prices to the general public.

Supporting Partner

Alliance Islamic Bank SocioBiz is a donation crowdfunding platform that aims to empower financially disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship

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