Waqf Eligible Campaigns

The following campaigns are those that need your support. All Campaigns are verified and come from verified charity partners. Campaigns that are Zakat Eligible or Waqf Eligible are verified and approved by our Shariah team.

Building Africa's First Masjid Using Only Cryptos

Waqaf A Quran In Masjid al-Haram In Makkah | Phase 2

Sea Ambulance: Emergency Medical Assistance for Indonesia

The Ultimate Waqf: Quenching Thirst in Africa | Phase 2

Empowering The Legacy of Singaporean Ulama

Support The First Complete Translation Of The Quran Into Rohingya Language​

Safeguarding Modesty: Building A Women Only Maternity Clinic

Moving Towards A Disabled Friendly Mosque In Indonesia

Masjid Abu Bakar Phase 4: Installing Doors and Windows

1 Million Waqaf Quran Project in Indonesia

Providing A Safe and Fast Entry Into Singapore Mosques

Cash Waqf: Sustainable Housing in Indonesia