Empower Azura: Mother of 7 Wants to be Independent (Qard Hasan)

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Key Points

About Azura Binti Md Nani

Mrs. Azura Binti Md Nani is a 36 year old mother of 7 who lives in Pasir Gudang, Johor. She falls under the B40 category. B40 is the Bottom 40% of the Malaysian household income classification.
Mrs.Azura has a small business of baking and selling home-made cakes and snacks. She sells these food items from a tent outside her house or sometimes near the school when it used to be open.

She has 7 dependents who she has to support through her small bakery stall business. All the 7 children are still in school. Her husband is a school van driver who earned only RM1,000/month. But because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, he is out of a job. Mrs. Azura tried other alternatives by selling snacks and cakes to feed her family but not with much success. Her husband is currently helping her with the food stall in whatever way possible.

Her family has no other source of income as of now and the family is completely dependent on the little that comes in from Mrs. Azura’s food stall. She needs more help and guidance to make a change for the better. 

Mrs Azura’s Expenses:
1. House Expenses: RM500
2. Utilities: RM65
3. Children’s School Expenses: RM1,000

The Solution

According to Mrs. Azura, the income earned every month is not enough for their family’s expenses when coupled with the school and medical expenses for her children.

Waqaf An-Nur under their Skim Pembiayaan Benih Niaga (Qard Hasan) Program have come forward to help support and empower Mrs. Azura by providing her with a Qard Hasan (Benevolent) loan of RM1,500. Waqaf An-Nur has partnered with Farm Fresh to support many such beneficiaries. To make this sustainable, she will undergo training for marketing, setting up the business, registration etc.

Under their guidance, Mrs. Azura will become a Farm Fresh dairy agent and work towards a better tomorrow. 

Mrs.Azura is determined to become more independent and support the family financially. She hopes that with this loan, she can grow her small food business by selling Farm Fresh products and add to her family income and bring some stability for her family. She hopes that when her children have completed their studies, they will become the pillars to support the family. As a mother, she is trying her best to support and meet all the necessary costs so that her children can focus on their studies properly. Such dedication is highly commendable and should be supported by us.

This Qard Hasan loan will help her buy and sell products from Farm Fresh and increase her profits.

Mrs. Azura is a living example of the hadith of the Prophet ﷺ regarding those who try to work to earn a Halal and respectable income instead of begging others. At GlobalSadaqah our mission is to empower such people so that they go from becoming beneficiaries to benefactors themselves. This is the core of our mission to Circulate Good.

Even the smallest of donations count. Allah loves all those who give and help remove a difficulty of a fellow Muslim. The donations from this campaign not only help Mrs. Azura set up a decent business but will also help bring smiles and mental peace to a needy family. 

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “It is better for one among you to bring a load of firewood on his back and give charity out of it (and satisfy his own need) and be independent of people, than that he should beg from people, whether they give him anything or refuse him. Verily the upper hand is better than the lower hand, and begin (charity) with your dependents. [Muslim]

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Reference: AZURA QH

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